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[[File:Radiator Springs McQueen Cars.jpg|thumb|242px|left|Radiator Springs McQueen Car]]
===<center>Welcome to Mattel/Pixar Diecast Cars Wiki!</center>===
===<center>Welcome to Mattel/Pixar Diecast Cars Wiki!</center>===

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Radiator Springs McQueen Car

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Welcome to Mattel/Pixar Diecast Cars Wiki!

Mattel/Pixar Cars Wiki is all about the Diecast Cars from the 2006 film of the same name. The cars were first realeased in May 2006, and the latest motif is Race-O-Rama (Final Lap will be released soon).


Cars Diecast Cars

This new wiki is about the diecast cars from the movie Cars, Race-O-Rama, Playsets, and a bit about other merchandise!

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