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[[File:FINALLAPMCQUEEN.jpg|thumb|404px|RS McQueen on Final Lap Card]]'''Final Lap''' is the 2010 card design. Some much anticipated vehicles like [[Jay Limo]] and [[Blowing Bubbles Mater]] will be realeased. They are known as Final Lap as Cars 2 Cars will be realeased in 2011. 
[[File:FINALLAPMCQUEEN.jpg|thumb|404px|RS McQueen on Final Lap Card]]'''Final Lap''' is the 2010 card design. Some much anticipated vehicles like [[Jay Limo]] and [[Blowing Bubbles Mater]] will be realeased. They are known as Final Lap as Cars 2 Cars will be realeased in 2011.  
==Cars In the Series==
1. Lightning McQueen
2. Radiator Springs McQueen
10. Fabulous Hudson Hornet
17. Green Ramone
19. Brand New Mater
20. Brown Mater
24. Chick Hicks
38. Fillmore
46. Sheriff
47. The King
98. Costanzo Della Corsa                              99. Blowing Bubbles Mater
103. Skip Ricter                                             106. Polly Puddlejumper
107. Muddy McQueen                                    116. Pit Crew Member Sarge
119. Vern                                                       122. Jay Limo
123. Lightning McQueen with Shovel             126. Marlon "Clutches" McKay
127. McQueen with Cone                               133. Duff Wrecks
138. Antonio Veloce Eccellente                      139. Dexter Hoover with Checkered Flag
140. One Eye Mater                                       141. Donna Pits
142. Nick Stickers                                           143. Wet Lightning McQueen
144. Damaged Mood Springs                         145. Johnny
146. Jamie                                                      147. Bert
148. Flo with Tray                                           149. Artie
150. Valerie Veate                                          151. Marty Brakeburst
152. Jonathan Wrenchworths                          153. Matthew "True Blue" McCrew
154. Timothy Timezone Truecoat                    155. Marilyn
156. Milo                                                          157. Coriander Widetrack
158. Swift Alternator                                         160. Derek "Decals" Dobbs
162. Hooman                                                    165. Matti
===K-Mart Rubber Tires Exclusives===
Chick Hicks       Dale Earnhardt Jr.           Faux Wheel Drive          Fiber Fuel
Gask-Its            Gasprin                            Lightning McQueen      Nitroade
RPM #64          Shiny Wax                        Sidewall Shine               Spare-O-Mint
Sputter Stop    Tach-O-Mint                     Tank Coat                     The King
Transberry Juice    View Zeen             Vitoline
===Movie Moments===
Mr. and Mrs. The King
Leak Less and No Stall
Tow Cap and Gasprin
Damaged King and Lightning McQueen
Tex Dinoco and Dinoco McQueen
Ron Hover and Kathy Copter
Boost and Snot Rod[[File:Ron_hover_final_lap_movie_moments.jpg|thumb|360px]]
Sally and Cruisin McQueen
Tumbleweed McQueen
===Pit Row Launchers===
Chick Hicks
Lightning McQueen
Sputter Stop 
===Wheel Launchers===
Bumper Save          Chick Hicks         Clutch Aid                Dinoco McQueen
Dirt Track McQueen           Easy Idle           Gask-Its         Leak Less
Lil' Torquey Pistons        Lightning McQueen       N2O Cola          Octane Gain
Sidewall Shine          Spare-O-Mint              Sputter Stop       Trunk Fresh
View Zeen                 Vinyl Toupee[[File:Vinyl_toupee_final_lap_wheel_launcher_(1).jpg|thumb|400px|An International version of Vinyl Toupee]]
===Megasize (Deluxe)===
1. Lightning Storm McQueen
2. Marco
3. Mack Semi
6. Barney Stormin
8. Chick Hicks Semi
9. Elvis RV
11. Hummer Sven[[File:Leroy_traffik_with_snow_tires_final_lap_megasize.jpg|thumb|324px]]
13. Frank
17. Richard Clayton Kensington
18. TJ Hummer
19. Bessie
20. Brian
21. Marco Axelbender
23. Leroy Traffik with Snow Tires
24. Miles  "Meattruck" Malone
25. Chuck "Choke" Cables
26. Stu Bop the Jet
Wally Hauler
1. Mack
2. Chick Hicks
3. Dinoco (Gray) Hauler
5. Jerry Recycled Batteries
6. Leak Less Hauler
7. Gil[[File:Shifty_drug_hauler_final_lap_hauler.jpg|thumb|400px]]
13. Sidewall Shine
14. Mood Springs
15. Vinyl Toupee
16. Paul Valdez
17. Shifty Drug
18. Chet Boxkaar
19. Oliver Lightload
20. Ben Crankleshaft
===Miscellaneous Items===
Easter Eggs:
Lightning McQueen      Fillmore      Axle Accelerator     Snot Rod
Christmas Stocking Stuffers:
Lightning McQueen     Doc Hudson     Brown Mater    The King
===3 Packs===
Team HTB (Chick Hicks)
Team Dinoco
Team Bumper Save
Team Leak Less
Team Rust-Eze
Team Nitroade
Team Octane Gain
K-Mart Rubber Tires 3-Pack (McQueen, Gask-Its, and Faux Wheel Drive)
===4 Packs===
Speedway 4 Pack (Bumper Save, Chick Hicks, McQueen, and Gasprin)
Speedway 4 (Chick Hicks, Octane Gain, McQueen, and Spare-O-Mint)
Speedway 4 (Nitroade, McQueen, King, and Tow Cap)
Speedway 4 (Leak Less, Octane Gain, McQueen, and Shifty Drug)
Speedway 4 (Transberry Juice, McQueen, Spare-O-Mint, and Sputter Stop)
Speedway 4 (The King, McQueen, Trunk Fresh, and RPM)
Speedway 4 (Rev N' Go, McQueen, Leak Less, and Vitoline)
Team Bumper Save Crew
Team Dinoco Crew
Team HTB (Chick Hicks) Crew
Team Leak Less Crew
Team Nitroade Crew
Team Octane Gain Crew
Luigi, Guido, Doc Hudson, and McQueen Wal-Mart Pack
Sarge, Mater, Sally, and Purple Ramone Wal-Mart Pack
DJ, Wingo, Boost, and Snot Rod Wal-Mart Pack
===5 Packs===
Flo's V-8 Cafe
Dirt Track Challenge
Radiator Springs Chase
Piston Cup Race Day
Axle Accelerator, Charlie Checker, Lightning McQueen, Dexter Hoover, and Race Official Tom 5-Pack
===9 Pack===
Piston Cup Nights
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